Dump Truck
Hauling of bulk materials up to 3 cu. yds.
available Hourly and Per Job Pricing


Excavating in a tight area.
36" Wide Bobcat fits through gates.
Starting from $60 per hour with operator.

Kelowna Landscaping: Services

Professional Installation of:

Has your Patio or Walkway settled?
Have all your planters sunk to different levels?
Does your existing brick have weeds everywhere?
We can fix it & ensure it never happens again.
Call for an estimate to re-level & repair any settlement.

Serving the Okanagan from Penticton to Vernon

Thinking Concrete for your Paving needs? Why not brick!

Interlocking stone pavements are flexible pavements. Flexible means that loads are distributed through the base by point-to-point contact and interlock between the aggregate. The base protects the soil sub-grade from deforming under loads. The base moves slightly when put under heavy loads, then returns to its original position. This gives interlocking stone a distinct advantage over rigid forms of pavement such as poured concrete and asphalt, which tend to crack more readily should the base move from loads or natural settlement due to weather. Interlocking pavers are highly resistant to abrasion, freeze - thaw cycles, deicing salts, chemicals and spills of oil and gasoline. Interlocking concrete pavers are ready for immediate use after installation, there is no need to wait for curing, or drying of the surface and are quickly and easily repaired without any special equipment or materials.”


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